We always recommend that if you have never fly fished before you start out with a half day trip. It will give you just enough time on the water and instructions to give you a very good taste of the sport, without the frustration and fatigue that often comes with beginning anglers and a full day trip.

Fishing in the morning and an afternoon tee time? Thats another great candidate for a half day trip, or if you want to bring the kids along. Not many kids can handle an 8 hour fishing trip. Trust us on this one, we have kids that love to fish and after about 4 hours they are smoked!

For those of you who just can’t get enough, we suggest our full day fishing trip. It’s a lot of casting and standing. You will get to see a larger section of the river as well as fish a variety of techniques throughout the day. Rarely do we have anglers that have much left in the tank after one of our full day fly fishing excursions.