When booking a Fly Fishing adventure with the SFF crew on the Madison River, we recommend that you stay in the quaint little Western town of Ennis, Montana. Home to about 1,000 residents, mostly fisherman and ranchers. Ennis has several great dining options and nice lodging options for you to choose from. Tip back a couple of suds at the Gravel bar and prowl through the Trout Stalkers fly shop next door. Then head on up to Virginia city for the best steak dinner you will find anywhere at the Wells Fargo. There is more than enough to do here to keep you busy for a while. See our lodging page for more options.

There are many flight options, both domestic and international into the newly expanded Gallatin field airport located in Bozeman, just 1 hr away.
If you are coming down from the Big Sky area for the day, contact service@moonlightbasin.com or Jen Clayton at (406) 219-0830 to see about obtaining a Jack Creek road pass for the day.

When booking a Fly Fishing adventure with the SFF crew on the Missouri River, we recommend you stay in the coolest little fishing town this side of the divide, Craig, Montana. With a great restaurant and a couple bars, you can take in all the local color and discuss intricacies of the day on the Missouri River with local guides and anglers alike. Daily flights into Helena Regional or Gallatin field in Bozeman will put you within a 2 hr drive of Craig Montana. See our lodging page for more options.

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