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Capt. Kris Started his guiding career in the small mountain town of Basalt CO in the early 90's. Coming of age on such rivers as the Frying Pan, Roaring Fork and Colorado rivers. It gave him a solid foundation of fly fishing knowledge. Always wanting to push the envelope and pursue new challenges, Kris took his guiding skills to saltwater flats of the Florida Keys. Here he made a reputable name for himself on the prestigious Florida Keys Fly Fishing Tournament cycle. With over 30 tournament titles and wins, Capt. Kris still participates in the "big three". The Golden Fly Invitational Tarpon Tournament, The Don Hawley Invitational Tarpon Tournament and The Gold Cup Invitational Tarpon Tournament. Along with his tournament schedule Capt. Kris still guides a few of his long time clients and friends in the Keys from March through June each year. Typically about 100 days a year.

We still have very strong ties with the Keys, great friends and great fishing there. After twelve years, his loving wife and two beautiful boys and a very heavy heart, we decided to leave the Keys on a full time basis to raise our boys in the mountains of Bozeman MT. Not a bad trade, a push pole for a set of oars, a happy family and some of the most spectacular fishing, hunting and scenery found anywhere on Mother Earth.

"Good Tides, Good Flows and Tight Loops" - Capt. Kris

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